A POWER Story in the Making

For far too long New Mexicans have been sold the lie that without the Oil and Gas Industry our communities will perish. Meanwhile, our state’s economy remains stagnant or crumbling, and our land and air ravaged. 

As the climate crisis worsens so does the centuries-long economic and social oppression experienced by frontline communities across the country. Black, Indigenous, People Of Color, rural communities and working families are at risk of bearing the brunt of a bleak economic and environmental future, unless we change course.

New Mexico has a responsibility to do its part in addressing the climate crisis but it must be done equitably so that no one is left behind. The scientific consensus tells us we have at most 10 years to transform our fossil-fuel, extractive economy into a regenerative one in order to prevent catastrophic climate events and disasters from happening.  

At Power 4 NM we demand what we know our communities deserve: a regenerative economy that prioritizes New Mexican families and not out of state corporations.

As New Mexico commits to a 100% clean energy future, once again Oil and Gas executives and lobbyists are telling communities across the state: “It’s not possible”. But knowing our history, deeply rooted in community and a legacy of defiance against all odds, we know New Mexico will show the world that the possibilities are endless. 

Our destiny is not defined by industries, but by our love for our families, resources and culture, and most importantly the desire to provide our families with the thriving and healthy future they deserve.

Where many see obstacles, we see opportunities. We see opportunities to do right by our values of caring for the land that feeds us and for those who we love. An opportunity to push New Mexico away from our economic dependency on an extractive, volatile economy to a clean, regenerative one based on wellbeing and justice for our families.  An opportunity to ensure homegrown talent continues to shape our state. An opportunity to make New Mexico’s future work for all New Mexicans — not just out of state corporations. 

The road ahead will not be bump-free, but New Mexicans are ready to take up the challenge. Because what sets us apart is our boldness to make what seems impossible, possible. We are stronger when we work from a place of power. So it’s time to break away from the NOs and dive into THIS IS HOW. This is our chance to shape the prosperous future we wish for our families and children.

At Power 4 NM we are making sure you can seize the opportunity to take part in the emerging clean energy economy by giving you the power to bring the opportunities working families need to access the jobs of the future, ensuring your voices and stories are amplified to inform the state’s energy transition, and by growing community power to shape a clean and prosperous regenerative economy that prioritizes the wellbeing of all New Mexicans.

Together we will shape New Mexico for present and future generations where communities are guaranteed the highest quality of life and a clean environment in which to thrive.