Our Sustainable Economy

New Mexico Economic Development Department’s Sustainable Economy Task Force (SET Force) & Sustainable Economy Advisory Council (SEAC)

  •  SET Force is comprised of representatives from various state departments
  • SEAC is mostly frontline community, tribal, and business representatives 
  • SET Force has to update the Economic Development Department’s strategic plan annually through 2027

SB 112 Background

In 2021, the NM Legislature passed Senate Bill 112, that:

  • mandates the NM Economic Development Department to draft a strategic plan to diversify the state’s economy beyond dependence on natural resource extraction,
  • establishes the Sustainable Economy Task Force (SET Force) – representatives from state agencies,
  • establishes the Sustainable Economy Advisory Committee (SEAC) – tribal, business and frontline communities.

SET Force Strategic Planning

Between 2022-2027, SET Force is tasked with submitting updates to the EDD’s  “Empower & Collaborate” strategic plan to transition the state away from reliance on natural resource extraction.

SET Force’s strategic plan should provide policies that:

  • Promote new statewide jobs to replace oil and gas jobs
  • Diversity the state’s tax revenue base
  • Support long term economic growth.

Get Involved

SET Force and SEAC Meetings:

  • Find the Sustainable Economy Task Force meeting calendar here.
  • The Advisory Council  meets on the 4th Tuesday at 3pm each month.