Power 4 NM’s Mission:

At Power 4 NM we believe that by growing community power and amplifying community voices to inform NM’s energy transition and push the state’s decision makers to commit to bold actions on climate, we will be able shape a clean and prosperous present and future led by frontline communities. This will allow us to empower everyday New Mexicans to be part of the emerging regenerative economy. 

Power 4 NM’s Vision:

At Power 4 NM we envision a prosperous New Mexico where working families thrive by being guaranteed high quality jobs for NM workers, a high quality of life, and a clean environment. We believe this will be accomplished by implementing a clean regenerative economy centered on the shared values of protecting our air, land, and water for present and future generations.

Organizations Part of Power4NM:

Center for Civic Policy, NM CAFé, NAVA Education Project, OLÉ, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, and Conservation Voters NM Education Project.