Sustainable Economy Task Force

A notable recent win from 2021 is the passage of SB 112, Sustainable Economic Task Force bill, which codified several of the recommendations from the DWS study that was published in July 2020.  SB 112 Establishes the Sustainable Economy Task Force and the Advisory Council.  The task force is housed in the Economic Development Department and is composed of representatives from various state agencies.

SB 112 mandates the state to:

  • Develop a strategic plan in fiscal year 2022 to transition the state economy away from reliance on natural resource extraction.
  • Develop policies to promote the addition of new jobs statewide to replace jobs that rely on the extraction or development of natural resources; diversifying the state’s tax base to  replace the revenue generated from the natural resource extraction sector developed in consultation with frontline communities.
  • Develop a plan to implement the recommendations of the “New Mexico Clean Energy Workforce Development Study” that was commissioned by DWS and published in June 2020.


Appointment of Power4 NM leaders to the Sustainable Economy Task Force Advisory Council

The Center for Civic Policy, as a representative for Power4 NM, worked with the NM Economic Development Department to identify candidates to serve on the Sustainable Economy Task Force Advisory Council. The Advisory Council, which is coordinated by Economic Development Department, has 14 community members who represent various sectors.  View the full list of appointees here.